Healthcare Referrals
At no charge, we can refer our clients to any and all levels of state-licensed care including home care, independent living, assisted living, residential care, memory care, adult foster care, and Hospice-supervised care.

An initial interview with the client and/or involved family members provides the opportunity to ask questions, explore various options, and consider the costs of varying levels of care.

A basic client assessment is conducted to identify the level of care services required, the housing accommodations preferred, and the financial resources available. This information is used to make recommendations regarding the most appropriate client-care settings.

Personal Service
Unparalleled personal and professional service is provided to each and every client, including:

  • Touring various care facilities with clients and family members
  • Working fast when circumstances require immediate action
  • Meetings in your own home when it’s convenient for you. Evening and weekend appointments? No problem
  • Arranging for and escorting clients and/or family members on tours of recommended care facilities
  • Reviewing medical, financial and legal issues, offering professional referrals as may be necessary
  • Acting as a liaison to “families-at-a-distance,” alerting them of potential concerns or issues
  • Implementing client/family/advocate wishes in conjunction with our professional recommendations.
  • Evening, weekend and holiday emergency assistance

Guardianship Services
When intervention is needed to protect an incapacitated person, in many cases we can serve as a court-appointed guardian. These professional services are fee-based and offered on a temporary or permanent basis.

Money Management Services
Bill paying assistance, money management, insurance review, financial planning and Trust management services are also offered on a fee-based temporary or permanent basis.